Wireless & Fiber

Tributary is uniquely positioned to customize any

in-building wireless system through it’s neutral fiber network as coverage capacity, speed, density and latency become important issues inside of buildings or mixed-use developments.  

Based on the demand to satisfy the growing ‘wireless society' and associated technology infrastructure, Tributary Networks has been established to address these issues.


As wireless spectrum deficits increase throughout commercial markets and cell tower capacities become strained, in-building wireless systems are beginning to become the de facto wireless option.


Each Tributary in-building wireless system is customized to satisfy spectrum inefficiencies for individual buildings or properties. The services might include Wi-Fi, Small Cell, or Neutral DAS depending on the building’s occupants or other requirements specific to those of the building.

Tributary Networks develops single mode, dark fiber networks to serve third parties within buildings or properties. Our network ‘neutrality’ allows building managers, tenants, or telecom carriers the ability to lease or purchase dark fiber at any time.  This option also creates a more efficient network within the building or property, since individual tenants don’t have to build their own proprietary network, which might impact space availability or timing requirements. 


Tributary’s fiber can also serve as the primary platform for any wireless system deployed within the property, whether it’s Wi-Fi, Small Cell or DAS.

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