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San Francisco, CA


Salesforce Tower is the largest skyscraper in San Francisco and the second tallest building west of the Mississippi River.  It boasts 1.4 million square feet spread throughout its 61 stories, and it is home to CRM-giant and many other big-name tenants.  The building offers cutting-edge amenities and workspaces.

Salesforce Tower

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The Main Thing

Boston Properties manages the state-of-the-art building, and they enlisted in the help of Vertical AVTV to provide tenants with DIRECTV service.  Vertical AVTV has worked with Boston Properties for over 10 years to provide DIRECTV service in several buildings around San Francisco, including Embarcadero Center, 525 Mission Street, and 680 Folsom Street.

High Definition TV

Vertical AVTV worked with building engineers and construction teams to design a satellite system that could fulfill the TV needs of each tenant in the building.  Technicians installed a high-definition satellite dish atop the 1,070 foot building and pulled coaxial cabling throughout the building’s riser closets.  Satellite distribution launch boards were installed on each floor of the building to ensure that tenants would have easy access to DIRECTV HD programming.


Upon completion of the DIRECTV satellite system in 2017, tenants of Salesforce Tower can contact Vertical AVTV to have DIRECTV HD service installed for their office space.

Salesforce roof
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