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Atlanta, GA


Vertical AVTV worked with Cousins Properties to upgrade Northpark Town Center’s sound system integrating speakers in the outdoor walkways with new and improved technology.  A DIRECTV system was also installed for music programming and HD television programming for building tenants.

Northpark Town Center

Cousins Northpark outdoor walkway.jpg

AV Installations

Vertical AVTV installed and integrated speakers in the outdoor walkways for the enjoyment of Northpark Town Center visitors and employees, This new system offers the functionality and aesthetics that Northpark Town Center strives to achieve. 

Vertical also upgraded the building’s existing audio system located in elevator lobbies and created an easy-to-use volume control system for the five separate audio zones.

High Definition TV

Vertical AVTV installed a DIRECTV system to be used for music programming and DIRECTV HD television programming for building tenants.

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