Vertical has partnered with Charles Schwab for various AV projects over the past 15+ years.  In 2019, Vertical worked to upgrade all digital signage platforms for Schwab branches nationwide.  Vertical has also worked on Schwab  with new buildings, as well as branch and office relocations and renovations.




Branches, Corporate Offices

AV Installations

Vertical as installed various AV systems in Lobbies, Small Huddle Rooms, Conference Rooms, Large Seminar/Training Rooms.  These systems range from simple to complex setups featuring videoconferencing, ceiling speakers, and presentation systems.

High Definition TV

Vertical installed DIRECTV systems in numerous branches, integrating DIRECTV HD TV programming with Schwab signage content for public viewing.

Additional Installations

Vertical has installed large stock tickers, digital clocks and various other custom hardware to display Schwab signage.

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