Interactive Touch Panels  


Sharp Introduces AQUOS BOARD®

Posted: March 10, 2016


Sharp has taken the world of electronics by storm with its release of its Sharp AQUOS BOARD®.  The Japanese electronics company developed an interactive display system that allows great versatility for presentations, office meetings, and teleconferences that need more power than a standard presentation.

Similar to Smart Boards, a product of SMART Technologies, these Sharp AQUOS BOARDS® offer touch-screen capabilities while sticking with the sleek display design that Sharp is known for. They come in three sizes ranging from 60” to 80” in beautiful high-definition resolution. The easy-to-use touch screen allows users to manipulate images, write handwritten notations, and draw freely over many templates available in the board’s built-in library.

Aside from being a modern-day white board, the AQUOS BOARD® is a fully functional television with internet capabilities. Business meetings and presentations can be conducted while users import images to the screen and add notes by hand. The board can be connected to your Sharp printer for easy importing and exporting of data, printing, and scanning. It is also compatible with video-conferencing systems, making the AQUOS BOARD® a versatile and simple way to enhance your business’ performance.

Two models of the AQUOS BOARD® are capable of wireless connectivity, which reduces the clutter of wires and cords in your office. The PN-L703W and the PN-L603W have built in wireless controls that can handle multiple devices from either Mac® or Windows® computers, smart phones, and tablets. Multiple sources can be simultaneously connected and shared with the AQUOS BOARD’s® 2 x 2 Split-Screen Display function.

The AQUOS BOARD® can handle up to four people writing on the board at the same time – making collaboration an easy and seamless process. Users can write with the PN-ZL02 Touch Pen or their finger, and the handwriting recognition function can quickly convert handwriting into text for increased neatness and organization. While most touch screens get dirty after use, an anti-glare film works to decrease glare and minimize the appearances of fingerprints on the screen.

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® is easy to install and will blend in with your office space beautifully. The screen can be easily viewed without having to hassle with lighting and shadows, and it doesn’t require lamp replacement or servicing like other boards. Call Vertical AVTV at (404) 352-2488 and let us help take your office into the 21st century.



Building Directories Go Interactive

Posted: August 10, 2014


Commercial property managers now have a new way to improve the building visitor experience. While digital building directories have been around for a number of years, the user experience has been greatly enhanced with not only advanced content options but also with interactive, touchscreen features. As fewer buildings today can afford staffing a full-time security and/or concierge desk, many office buildings are replacing existing directories with self-service, interactive models that allow visitors to quickly find the information they need.


The basics of what visitors need from a lobby directory have not changed – most people use a building directory to locate companies and individuals they are visiting on the property. However, with touchscreen technology, visitors can find the information they need faster and more easily. Also, most interactive digital building directories now include a wayfinding system. With the touch of a finger, building visitors can easily view a map of the property, find directions and even see a drawing that displays start and end points of the path to their destination. Some models even allow directions to be sent to a smartphone using a QR code.


In addition to traditional tenant display information, special software allows even more ways to enhance the visitor experience by providing:

  • Tenant auto dialer 
  • Special building announcements
  • Building events and meetings
  • Building amenities
  • Current weather
  • News feeds
  • Area maps and local amenities
  • Leasing information
  • TV feed
  • Security call button

Management of content is simple with intuitive, user-friendly software programs that allow property managers to maintain directories at any time from any location.

No matter the size or shape of your building lobby, there is an interactive digital kiosk to meet your needs. Choose from:

  • Wall-mounted – easily attaches to any wall surface
  • Flush-mounted – inserts into wall space
  • Free-standing – movable, podium-style units
  • Space-efficient – single unit for security desks or desktops
  • Custom – fabricated to meet specific space requirements

With the increasing prevalence of touchscreen technology, individuals are becoming more comfortable with self-service. This trend provides building property managers an excellent opportunity to enhance the building visitor experience. Ready to get started? Talk to Vertical AV TV to find a solution that will work for your property.


Interactive Touch Boards -
Coming Soon To A Conference Room Near You

Posted: August 10, 2014

Interactive touch panel technology is rapidly growing in numerous settings. Classrooms, restaurants, hotels, airports and other public venues are all taking advantage of the interactivity and engagement opportunities this technology offers. In the workplace, this technology, which combines the functionality of an interactive whiteboard with a flat panel television, is quickly making its way into boardrooms, conference rooms and training facilities. 

Improve Meeting Productivity with an LED-LCD Interactive Touch Panel TV

For businesses looking to increase both productivity and collaboration, investing in interactive touch panel display technology can be an affordable and easy-to-implement solution. And, if you are thinking that all you can do is transform what’s written on the board electronically, you may be surprised to learn the range of capabilities now available. 

Interactive Touch Panel Display Features

  • Range of Sizes – The touch boards come in a range of sizes and can accommodate both small and large conference rooms, board rooms and training facilities. 
  • Low-Gloss Surface – An anti-glare film reduces glare and reflections while minimizing fingerprints. 
  • Touch Pens – Smooth, highly responsive touch pens allow several people to write on the screen at the same time and provide a writing experience similar to that of a traditional whiteboard.
  • Finger Touch Technology – Presenters can also use fingers to write on the display screen. 
  • Intuitive User Interface – The touch panel displays are easy to use – no need for in-depth training.
  • High-Quality Audio – Superior sound with front-facing stereo speakers.
  • Mobile Mounting – In addition to being wall-mounted, the display boards can be mounted on a mobile stand, allowing you to use the technology in various room settings. 

Both Presenters and Participants Enjoy the Benefits of Interaction

  • Improved Presentation Effectiveness – From PowerPoint presentations to sharing corporate information, you can now capture key points on the screen using either your finger or a touch pen as a point of contact. 
  • Interactivity – The interactive touch panel allows presenters to write, organize, move and save notes directly from the display screen. In addition, all participants can interact by writing on shared screen images in real time. 
  • Participation via Electronic Devices – Participants can view on-screen content, including handwritten notes and drawings, simultaneously on the display and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, participants can securely overlay their own notes directly onto presentations and save for future reference without affecting the original content.
  • Multimedia – Presenters can incorporate video and online content in their presentation program and materials. 
  • Printing – Print and easily share notes from visual presentations. No more worrying about having someone take notes of what’s written on the whiteboard during a meeting.
  • Remote Collaboration – From across the country to across the globe, the interactive display can be used to conduct video conferences and webinars. Remote participants can join via collaboration software such as Lync and can participate with any device – and adding participants is simple.

Interested in learning more? Contact Vertical AV TV. We will identify an interactive touch board solution that will improve your business’ meeting experience.